Happy anniversary Seven Oaks Consulting!


Celebrating 15 Years of Service: The Anniversary of Seven Oaks Consulting

You’ve got to go with the flow for content creator success.

Saturday, October 1, represented a big milestone for my company, Seven Oaks Consulting. We celebrated our 15th Anniversary! According to the SBA, only 25% of small businesses make it to the big 1-5. Half close in 5 years, more by year 10, leaving a scant 25% still running 15 years later.

I had a lot of exciting promotions I wanted to launch on October 1. The remnants of Hurricane Ian, however, decided otherwise, smashing trees down and wiping out the power for my area for most of the day. (It’s back now, thank you Dominion Energy).

Like that first day we moved in here 15 years ago, nothing this past Saturday was working. Although unlike that October day 15 years ago, at least I could find my coffee pot (albeit the old-fashioned 1950s stovetop percolator!).

We’ve Grown and Changed from Acorn into Oak

As I sat at my kitchen table with pencil in hand, writing down a few thoughts and wondering when the power would be back on, I realized the symbolic significance of the events today compared to the events 15 years ago…

You have to go with the flow!

A successful business must adapt, change, and grow with the times. We as a company haven’t remained static. We’ve changed with the times. We started out as a small consulting firm to the education marketplace (the industry I left when I left I moved from New York City.) Over the years, we adapted, adding writing services when my skills as a writer were in demand, finally melding the two skillsets into content marketing. A flair and passion for technology and manufacturing stories made that part of the agency come together, and two years ago, we branded as a B2B content marketing agency for the technology and manufacturing industries.

Today, as the sun shines, and the power is back on, I have to laugh at how my big plans – press releases, an online event – all came to naught thanks to an oak tree, of all things. Seven Oaks Consulting‘s 15 year anniversary celebration was temporarily postponed due to an oak tree wiping out the power.

You’ve got to laugh at the fun the universe has with us.

Happy anniversary Seven Oaks Consulting, and here’s to another 15 years of great content marketing and writing!