Our content marketing agency knows how to party. We’re celebrating the New Year in style Saturday night with our usual pajama-party and cheese board. Seriously, this is how two introverted writers enjoy the holiday, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.



Our Year in Review: Happy Anniversary, Seven Oaks!

This has been quite the year for us. First, we celebrated our 15th anniversary. This is a big milestone in the world of marketing agencies, and for good reason – the Small Business Administration estimates that fewer than 25% of all startups make it to this milestone.


We celebrated by launching Virtuali, our free digital magazine found on Medium.com dedicated to all things remote and virtual work and management. Contributors to the project included many from our freelance writing team: Lucy Klaus (a retired HR manager), Sharon Wu (blogger extraordinaire), Christopher Iwunudu (our very own “positive equator”) and others. You are welcome to submit your articles to Virtuali, too, as long as they are of high quality and pertain to remote and virtual work or management. Visit Medium.com to learn more.


Welcoming New content marketing Clients

We’re a small, niche marketing agency – but mighty. Our global reach always amazes me. We partner with some of the best and brightest tech firms, innovators in their digital niches just as we’re innovators in our content writing niche!


Here are some stats about our clients:

  • 90% of our clients are technology companies
  • % are marketing agencies (we write for their tech clients!)
  • 3% are “other” industries
  • More than 95% of our clients remain with us for two years or longer.
  • One client just celebrated 12 years working with us! (WOW) (Is this some kind of record in the agency world?)
  • Another client just takes us with him wherever he goes, and fortunately for us, he goes to some amazing companies. Although not tech companies, we love working with him, so whenever he moves to another C-suite chair, we follow along to support his amazing vision for content creation.


content marketing Milestones and “Wish We Could Do-Over”

As we wrap up 2022, we also took a look at some milestones…and some things we wish we could do-over.

  • Jeanne signed her first book contract with a major publisher. Unfortunately, the book has been cancelled by the publisher, but it was an amazing experience. When the economy picks up, we hope the publisher brings the book back to the publishing table.
  • We wish we could have avoided the whole marketing agency award scam that almost – but not quite – had us fooled.
  • We launched Virtuali, our new digital publication, and are delighted to announce it is in the running for the 2023 Gartner Marketing and Communications Award (hurray!)

What Will 2023 Hold for Seven Oaks Consulting?

As I sat down today to write my 2022 reflections and 2023 goals, I was happily astonished by how far we’ve come in one short year. The economic downturn of 2008 failed to sink us, and the pandemic also failed to knock us to our knees. Instead, Seven Oaks Consulting continues to push forward, to pursue new avenues for growth and creativity, and provides more and better content marketing services to technology clients worldwide.

We can’t wait to see what 2023 holds in store for us. No matter what, we are delighted you are with us on this journey and look forward to serving you with creative, engaging written content marketing services.