Webinar Replay: Content Marketing – and Marketing for the Technology Industry

What’s Working, What’s Not, and Insights Into Today’s Most Pressing Needs to Market to Tech Leaders

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What’s Working – And What’s Not – in Tech Content Marketing

Content marketing is the backbone of most technology marketing strategies. However, many tech companies get it wrong because they have limited knowledge of specialized content marketing for the technology industry. 

In this webinar, three of the industry’s leading voices – two marketers and one digital transformation director – discuss what’s working and what’s not when marketing into tech departments.


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The Presenters: Expert Panel of Technology Industry Professionals

Jeanne Grunert, award-winning writer and content marketing expert
Melissa Watts
Ryan Dube

Jeanne Grunert is the president of Seven Oaks Consulting, a content marketing agency specializing in B2B content marketing. Jeanne has over 30 years of experience as a marketing writer and manager and works with tech companies worldwide to lead and build their content marketing engine.

According to Jeffrey Arnold of 422 Group, “Jeanne is a consummate, creative marketing professional who has demonstrated strengths in a number of critical areas. She would be a great asset to any branding or marketing endeavor.”

Melissa is a senior marketing executive, a certified ABM strategist, and a senior director of demand generation. She has 20+ years of extensive experience leading strategic marketing initiatives for companies like Adobe, HP, Cisco, Mphasis, and Microsoft and is well-versed in strategy and lead generation for tech companies. Melissa will discuss how vital content marketing is and the successful strategies she has implemented over the years in her different roles while highlighting what works and what doesn’t. As an ABM strategy expert, she’ll also discuss what yields the best results and why it is so.


Ryan Dube is a technology content marketing subject matter consultant (SME) for Seven Oaks Consulting and works full-time as a digital transformation manager for a global manufacturer. He is a writer and editor for tech content marketing materials and a content marketer for the technology industry. Ryan has over 20 years of industry experience and will share his impressions, ideas, and feedback on what works and doesn’t work when using content marketing to reach technology decision-makers. He’ll also discuss why some strategies yield good results, and others don’t.