5 Things Successful Project Managers Do Differently

Project managers’ responsibilities include communication, deadline management, and more. Successful ones do several things to effectively manage their teams and keep projects on track. 

Project Managers’ responsibilities – what successful project managers do differently

1. They communicate clearly.

Good project managers are comfortable speaking with their team members and clients about difficult topics. Project managers understand that it’s essential to keep lines of communication open constantly but that not all team members prefer to communicate the same way. Some people like to send text or e-mail messages, while others prefer to use the phone. The manager needs to be honest, clear, and concise when dealing with all team members.

2. They manage the project’s deadlines.

A successful project manager holds regular status meetings to keep track of the project’s progress over time. These meetings help the manager understand the next steps, action items, and project risks.

The client will also appreciate regular reports about the project details. These reports can be in writing or by phone to reassure the client that the project is progressing as agreed. It’s also an excellent way to build a relationship with the client. 

3. They schedule enough time for tasks.

Every project should have a well-defined scope of work. If the guidelines are clear, the team has guidelines and expectations about what it needs to deliver. 

The project manager should sit down with the team and the client at the start of the project to review its scope. During this meeting, the manager will review the time required for the different tasks to ensure enough time is devoted to each scheduled task. If necessary, deadlines can be adjusted to reflect the time required to complete the tasks. 

4. They know when to contact an expert.

There will be times when the team has questions, and the project manager should check whether the answer is in the project brief. If it is not covered there, it’s time to pull in a subject matter expert to get some guidance. 

Good managers ask their team members to clarify their questions. They take detailed notes and find someone with the right expertise to help.

5. They support their team members.

To be successful, a team needs someone who supports their efforts and encourages them to keep working toward completing the project. The manager keeps everyone in sync and motivated. They are responsible for meeting deadlines while inspiring the team members to give each task their best effort throughout the process. 

A successful project manager offers praise for good work when appropriate. They are not afraid to ask a team member whether they have considered something that the employee should have included in their work. When requesting additions or revisions, a good project manager focuses on the task and never attacks the team member’s dignity. 

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