Our content creation service brings your ideas to life with original, creative search engine optimized materials for your content marketing plan. Whether you have an idea you want a professional SEO writer or marketing writer to explore or you have hundreds of blog posts that need to be refreshed, the experienced team at Seven Oaks Consulting is here to support your goals.

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What is a content creation service?

Professional content creation services include keyword research, writing, content editing, and revising existing materials. These materials may include blog posts, web pages, websites, landing pages, articles, press releases and media kits, presentations, and marketing materials of all types. Creation means writing these ‘from scratch’ which provides you with original materials.

In today’s information-driven marketplace, it is essential for technology companies to provide potential customers with plenty of information to solidify their purchasing decision. It’s also vital to gain brand visibility and awareness. Content marketing can do this and more.

Why is originality so important for content marketing?

Google and other search engines index millions of webpages each day. These pages include blog posts, articles, websites, landing pages, and countless marketing materials.

How do they know which piece is the best – which piece of content gets the coveted “number one spot on Google” for a particular keyword?

Google’s algorithm depends on E-A-T:

  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trustworthiness

Fresh, original, thoughtful and expert content is the best way to satisfy Google’s desire to “EAT”. When keyword phrases are paired appropriately with original content, it has the best chance of being ranked highly in the search engine index – in other words, a better shot at the top search position.

Why should your business care about the top search engine position?

According to Search Engine Watch, the top search position receives 33% of the clicks. All the other positions receive some, but nothing compares to achieving the top search position.

Fresh, original, creative and authoritative content is the key to unlock the power of organic search engine traffic.

Testimonials – Content Creation Services

I wasn’t looking forward to writing the content for our new website, so I decided to call in a pro. Jeanne and her team at Seven Oaks Consulting came highly recommended and after our first conversation, I could see why. Working with Jeanne was an amazing experience, the content she provided took our site to the next level.
Jamaal Johnson, Director, LGRC

Jeanne flat out gets it. She possesses the creative talent, intuitive insight, and proven marketing skills to translate any idea, no matter how vague, into effective copy and impactful messaging. We’ve hired Jeanne for numerous projects and we keep coming back.
Stephen Colwell, Founder, Completing

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