Celebrate International Dog Day with us!

Here at Seven Oaks Consulting, a day at work is a day we share with our dogs. Nearly every single person who works at Seven Oaks Consulting owns a dog (or two) and enjoys time working alongside their favorite canine.

So, in honor of International Dog Day (yes, it’s a thing), we thought you might enjoy meeting the Dogs of Seven Oaks Consulting!

Kathleen Marshall, Senior Writer and Editor, is never without her dogs, Maggie and Zoey.

It’s not a meeting unless Maggie, Zoey, or both leaps into Kathleen’s lap! Her two mixed breed pups love to be on conference calls. They’re also key to Kathleen’s happiness. Thanks to Maggie and Zoey, Kathleen doesn’t have to worry about intruders – she can focus on your writing and editing projects!

Zoey and Maggie, owned by Kathleen Marshall


Freelance writer Laura LaFrenier is also the proud pet parent of not one, but three canine writing companions!

“This first photo is my English bulldog Libby. She is the newest member of the family and loves to go fishing and going out on the paddle boat. She likes to eat the hot dogs they use for bait.”

Libby, owned by Laura LaFrenier

“The second photo is of my terrier mix Layla. She is about 6 years old and we have had her since she was 8 weeks. She is very spoiled and the least trained out of the bunch lol. She loves to sleep under the blankets every night to stay warm.”

brown dog
Lovely Layla!

“Last but not least is a photo of my black lab mix Boon. He is 12 years old and still acts like a pup. We adopted him when he was 5 months old and he helped to welcome my daughter home from the hospital when she was born. He considers himself to be the protector of the family and never leaves my side.”

black lab mix dog

And of course, my dog, Zeke. His full name is Temper’s Ezekiel. He joined our family as a puppy and turned my life upside down. He’s goofy, giant, protective, and the best meeting companion a girl could want.

I keep a jar of peanut butter dog biscuits on my desk. If you see me reaching over during a Zoom call, it’s because I have to bribe Zeke to maintain silence during our calls.

Zeke, owned by Seven Oaks Consulting president Jeanne Grunert

What Is International Dog Day?

August 26 is International Dog Day, a day set aside to remember dogs, both purebred and mutts, owned and loved by all. Its founder sought to raise awareness of the dogs waiting in shelters for adoption.

Whether you’ve adopted your dog from a shelter, as I have in the past, or obtained him from a loving home, as I did not with my Zeke, here’s to all the dogs in our lives! They give us unconditional love, lots of laughter, and plenty to talk about.