Who said that all holiday traditions apply when it comes to office Christmas party ideas?

With the holiday season approaching, it may be time to start planning your annual office Christmas party. Incorporating some non-traditional themes or activities can help bring people together and provide an opportunity to do good for the local community. 

Fresh Office Christmas Party Ideas

Host a Potluck and Celebrate Diversity

Potlucks are popular for communal gatherings such as holiday parties. Have your attendees bring a dish representing their heritage to put a fun spin on a traditional Christmas potluck. A heritage-inspired potluck celebrates diversity and allows everyone to try new, delicious foods while bringing everyone closer together. 

Secret Santa – Bring Joy to Children in Need

Secret Santa is another popular Christmas office tradition. This year, in the spirit of the season of giving, have everyone from the office donate an unopened, unwrapped toy to an organization such as Toys 4 Tots. Charity organizations such as these help to bring joy to children in need during the holiday season.

The Gift of Your Time – Helping Those Less Fortunate

The holiday season can be difficult for those in need, both financially and emotionally. Set up a time for everyone to contribute to a local homeless shelter or children’s home. Ways you can help include: 

  • Helping to prepare warm, wholesome meals for the holidays.
  • Decorating to make the environment more festive and cheery.
  •  Say “hello” and strike up a conversation with someone who may be going through a hard time.

Organize a Raffle for Charity

Raffles can be a fun, exciting way to contribute to one of your favorite charities. Popular raffle prizes can vary from gift baskets, electronic devices, baked goods, and seasonal items. To do some good with this year’s holiday raffle, specify that the proceeds are to be donated to the charity of the winner’s choosing. 

For a list of top-rated charities for inspiration, visit Charity Navigator

Spread Holiday Cheer – Christmas Caroling

Among these office Christmas party ideas, this one is especially fun. If your office is near a nursing home or a children’s hospital, consider Christmas caroling.

The holiday season is all about traditions, and one staple that seems to have faded is the art of Christmas caroling. In place of a traditional office Christmas party, organize an evening to go caroling in your local community to help boost morale and spread holiday cheer. To spread even more holiday cheer, make it a point to visit any local children’s homes, retirement centers,  rehabilitation clinics, or homeless shelters. 

The holiday season is the time of the year that we understand it is sometimes better to give than to receive, although this sentiment holds true year-round. This year, especially in the aftermath of the recent pandemic, structuring your holiday office party and festivities around doing good for others is a way to help make the season brighter for everyone. These fresh office Christmas party ideas are sure to help you have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Written by Seven Oaks Consulting contributor Laura LaFrenier.