Celebrate International Dog Day with Seven Oaks Consulting!

No marketing agency would be complete without a pooch (or two or three or four). Today, we’re sharing the stories of our pets – the dogs who work with our freelance team.

Why We Love Dogs – and International Dog Day

As writers we tend to sit…we sit a lot. Our dogs are our fitness buddies, ensuring we get up off the couch or away from our desks.

They’re also our therapists, listening to us when we cry about the unfairness of our 100th rejection slip or the stupid editor who changed ‘gelding’ to ‘stallion’ and ruined our horse story (that happened to Jeanne).

Our pets are family. We don’t care if they photobomb (or bark) Zoom calls. We love their wet, cold noses, their muddy pawprints, and their incessant need for love.

After all, they give plenty of love in return. So, here’s to International Dog Day at Seven Oaks Consulting!

Sharon Wu, Freelance Writer, and Her Pugs, Rolly and S’mores

We’ll let Sharon tell you about her pugs, Rolly and S’mores.

“S’mores the pug is 10 years old this year. I adopted him from a Los Angeles shelter back in December 2016. He was a stray dog, so nobody knew his real age. But the shelter and vet guessed 4 at the time. So we are going with that! He is a total momma’s boy, will never turn down food, and loves to cuddle. S’mores embodies the typical pug. He is mostly lazy but if his pawrents are active and ready to take him out for an adventure, he knows how to have a good time.

“Rolly the black pug is 5 years old this year. I adopted him in December 2017 from an accidental breeder (someone with two pugs that gave birth to a litter of puppies at home) locally in the Coachella Valley. He was only 9 weeks old! He is a very competitive and active pug, with lots of energy. Unlike his brother S’mores, he is a very picky eater. He enjoys playing half-fetch… “half” because he never brings the ball back but will run for anything thrown. He loves his mom, but is definitely more of a daddy’s boy!”

A black pug biting a toy bone
a pug wearing headphone s

Laura LaFrenier, Freelance Writer, and Libby, Layla, and Boon

We met Libby, Layla and Boon on the 2021 International Dog Day but it’s always good to say hello to old friends, as any dog will attest!

a bulldog
brown dog
black lab mix dog

Kathleen Marshall, Editor, and Maggie and Zoey

Zoey gave her mom Kathleen quite the scare this year when she seemed paralyzed. Fortunately with quick intervention and veterinary care, Zoey has made a full recovery. Both love to work with Kathleen and are frequent on-screen guests during Zoom calls.

two dogs laying on the grass
Kathleen’s dogs, Maggie and Zoey

Jeanne Grunert, President and Sr. Content Strategies, with Zeke

Not a day goes by that Jeanne doesn’t say to someone, “Hang on a minute, I need to get Zeke off my lap.” Nothing like a 90-pound German shepherd who thinks he’s a lap dog to make your day interesting. Zeke has his own biscuit jar on the desk and frequently begs for biscuits behind the scenes during video calls. He loves playing with his raccoon squeaky toy, long walks, and watching animal videos on television.

Zeke the office dog on guard at a doorway