11 Ways Content Marketing Drives Value for Technology Companies

Content marketing for technology companies continually achieves success, especially for B2B companies in highly competitive industries. The more tech companies launch and offer diverse products and services, the more the market gets noisier. Only companies that effectively communicate their value proposition will eventually meet their marketing goals, boost market share, increase revenue, and gain a competitive edge.

Although companies employ various strategies to communicate their value proposition and increase market share, content marketing has been recognized as one of the most effective strategies.

A Content Marketing Institute report showed that 73% of B2B and 75% of B2C companies use content marketing to show their expertise and authoritativeness, build customer trust, drive business results, and improve profit margins.

Before I explore how content marketing brings immeasurable value to B2B tech companies, the essence of a practical content marketing strategy, and the best way to win with content marketing, let me briefly discuss…


Why Content Marketing Is Key to Success for Tech Companies

Content marketing integrates with and powers all other marketing channels, which is part of why 22% of B2B marketers spend 50% or more of their total marketing budget on content marketing. It enables companies to educate and inform their target audience on diverse, relevant, and helpful topics ranging from the latest industry trends to best practices, client FAQs and pain points, etc. It helps smart companies to establish themselves as thought leaders and trusted advisors, increasing credibility and trust.

Customers are easily drawn to companies that share valuable content. Strategic content addresses clients’ pain points and challenges, attracts and converts quality leads, and drives business results.

Furthermore, content marketing is crucial to achieving brand visibility, awareness, and a positive reputation, which is vital to every tech company’s success.

It’s non-negotiable if you’re in business to make a profit. A Semrush survey of marketing pros showed that 91% of the respondents agreed that they achieved success with content marketing in 2021.


How Content Marketing Brings Value to Tech Companies

Content marketing brings overall long-term value.


1. Increase Brand Awareness

Content marketing is invaluable for building brand awareness and increasing visibility on a budget, as supported by eighty percent of marketers. Tech companies leverage content marketing to create compelling brand stories that induce an emotional connection in customers. Compelling brand storytelling communicates a company’s mission, vision, and unique selling proposition, ultimately differentiating the company from competitors.

Furthermore, with billions of social media users available, an effective digital content strategy leverages social media platforms’ potential for lead generation. Tech companies with effective content marketing strategies preach their products and services on social media, enabling them to acquire only quality leads.


2. Increase Website Traffic

Tech companies use content marketing to drive website traffic by providing valuable information that addresses critical clients’ questions and pain points. According to Hubspot data, consistent content marketing yielded 55% more website traffic for the companies.

Excellent content marketing provides SEO-rich valuable content and promotes content through other content amplification channels. These increase content reach and drive more quality traffic.


3. Generate Quality Leads

Effective content marketing helps tech companies attract quality leads actively seeking solutions. HubSpot surveyed 1400 websites, and among other findings, it was revealed that companies that adopted content marketing gathered 68% more leads from blogging alone than customers without blogs.

Their 2023 state of marketing report, which included original data from over 1200 marketers across the globe, also supported that inbound marketing channels like content marketing drives 54% more leads than traditional marketing channels.

When you publish whitepapers, ebooks, blogs, webinars, and other informative materials packaged to deliver value, clients will trust you enough to drop their contacts, allowing you to follow up and move them down the sales funnel.


4. Establish Thought Leadership

Future-proof tech companies establish themselves as thought leaders by creating informative and insightful content and repeatedly addressing industry questions and concerns. This practice builds credibility and increases reputation and trust, as customers see such companies as reliable sources for credible industry information.

A 2020 study by Edelman and LinkedIn featured expanded insights from 3,275 global business leaders. It showed that nearly 90% of C-level decision-makers believed that thought leadership influences their opinion of a company.

Companies that successfully establish thought leadership easily convert their target audience into brand loyalists and advocates, increasing retention and profitability.

5. Build a Community

Customer-oriented companies understand the importance of a community of vibrant, happy, and loyal followers and leverage all available means to build one.

Content marketing effectively builds a valuable loyal community around a company, its products, and its services. B2Bs that create content that encourages discussion and engagement foster a sense of brand affinity that increase brand loyalty. A community of loyal customers increases brand visibility and reduces advertising and other customer acquisition, support, and retention costs, increasing profitability in the long run.


6. Enhance Customer Engagement

Content marketing improves customer engagement and service delivery.

Creating and effectively distributing valuable, shareable content is an excellent way to engage prospects across customer touchpoints. Smart tech companies use this approach to increase content reach, increase visibility for their products and services and generate more quality leads, conversions, and referrals.


7. Support Sales Efforts

Content marketing supports and enables sales to achieve more. A robust sales enablement strategy streamlines the collaboration between marketing and sales so that marketing qualifies leads before passing them on to sales. This relationship involves using content to attract, engage, and delight prospects before moving them down the sales funnel for conversion. Doing this reduces the load on the sales team, reduces customer acquisition costs, and boosts revenue generation.


8. Showcase Products and Features

As highlighted, content marketing helps companies showcase products, service features, and benefits. While providing information and addressing clients’ pain points, tech companies can present their products and services as solutions to the challenges.

Effective content marketing involving practical content like case studies and visual content like webinars is so powerful that companies can make potential clients experience their products and services with detailed descriptions. This information eliminates conversion barriers and facilitates purchasing decisions.


9. Provide Customer Support

As clients seek more and more self-service support, content marketing makes it easy for companies to meet clients’ concerns and questions even before the ticket reaches the CX department. Companies that provide detailed information on industry topics and answers to frequently asked questions about their products reduce the workload on customer support teams and improve customer satisfaction.

Savvy tech companies set up knowledge bases and provide product documentation to help customers solve problems and learn more about their products or service without contacting the support team. Even more, these companies use social media and email marketing to provide additional support and keep customers informed of new features or changes to their products or services, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.


10. Provide Analytics and Insights

Customer insights are critical to the success of B2B tech companies. Content marketing analytics data provides valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, helping companies improve their products and provide better customer experience.

Forward-thinking companies make data-driven decisions powered by metrics such as website traffic, engagement, bounce rates, lead generation rates, most visited pages, customer journey maps, most searched keywords, etc., that help them discover customers’ preferences and refine their content marketing strategy to meet those preferences.


11. Support Recruitment Efforts

Content marketing is also instrumental in recruiting top talents. It helps a company showcase its culture and values and highlight career opportunities. Tech companies that create content around their company culture and work ethics and how it supports the comfort and growth of their employees attract the best talents.


A Content Marketing Approach That Yields Optimal Results

Content marketing is essential. So is having a robust content marketing strategy that yields optimal results at a minimal cost. A good content marketing strategy and execution is the key to staying competitive in a highly competitive tech industry.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, only 5% of B2B marketers don’t plan to develop a content marketing strategy. Being a part of this minority automatically puts any tech company at a disadvantage, as 95% of others implementing content marketing strategies will indeed have a competitive edge.

Because adopting content marketing is a must for profit-minded companies, B2Bs are often faced with two options – hiring in-house content marketers and putting them on a monthly salary or outsourcing their content marketing needs to experts experienced in developing, executing, and managing content marketing strategies.

What a company will opt for depends on many factors, including budget, personnel available, experience level, company size, etc. Whatever you choose, your content marketing strategy must track the right value metrics that bring business to the company. That way, you’re not chasing shadows with your content marketing.


Work with Experts that Maximize Content Marketing Value for Tech Companies

The value of content marketing for tech companies can’t be overemphasized. A well-implemented content marketing strategy can move a tech company from zero recognition to becoming a trusted, reliable go-to brand for quality industry information. It increases lead generation and conversion, boosts revenue, enhances CX delivery, and yields long-term business value.

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We have 15+ years of experience providing content marketing for technology companies. We invite you to reach out to discuss how we can help your company benefit from these values of content marketing for tech companies.