What You Can Learn About Marketing from a Blue Lobster

Deacon Blue is one lucky lobster. A fisherman snagged him off the cost of Prince Edward Island, thinking he had accidentally caught a beer can in his trap. Imagine his surprise when old Deacon Blue waved a claw at him. Blue lobsters are rare, and this pretty boy is heading for an aquarium instead of a restaurant near you.

Reading the story today, I couldn't help but be struck by how people value the different, the unique, to the point that they wish to save it, preserve it and display it. Think about. This guy was a hefty, juicy lobster. I haven't eaten lobster in ages, but I remember it as being quite expensive.  Surely the fisherman could have used the money.

Instead, Deacon Blue's life is spared because he is unique.

Here's what Professor Deacon Blue has to teach us about marketing: make sure you stand out from the crowd. Be unique, be different. Don't be afraid to be a blue lobster. Instead of ending up in the stew pot along with every other person trying to sell the same thing, hopefully you'll get the positive attention you need to attract customers and turn them into buyers and loyal fans.