Learning how to create memorable content for your blog or website is a matter of figuring out what will stand out from the crowd. And what stands out whenever you write something is passion – passion for your subject matter, passion for your audience, passion to solve a problem your customers have.

Passion means more than slapping several exclamation points on the end of a sentence or telling folks how wonderful something is. Passion, like art, is contagious. Passion seeps through the written word and oozes from every letter, every comma, every sentence.

We disbelieve people who tell us, “I’m passionate about great customer service.”

We believe them when they actually SHOW us what that looks like.

If you want to write great content for your website, articles, blog posts or social media shares, find the person in your company who is most passionate about what you do. Find the person with a passion for writing. If you can’t find that person in-house, then find someone like me, someone who writes daily, who plays with words for the sheer joy of it, and who has an inquisitive sense that enables her to learn new industries and delve deeply into the nuances of your product.

Whatever you do, do it with passion. Your passion for business is what helps your online content stand out from the crowd.