Technical SEO

Technical SEO (search engine optimization) involves optimizing a website’s technical elements to improve its rankings and visibility on the search engine results pages (SERPs). 

It is one of the three main aspects of SEO: On-page, Off-page, and technical SEO.

Optimizing a website’s technical elements helps the search engines understand, crawl, and index it effectively. 

Furthermore, it helps provide a positive user experience to the website’s visitors.

Technical SEO includes these components:

Website Speed

This involves optimizing a website to load faster so a visitor doesn’t leave the website out of frustration. A fast-loading website increases user experience and ranks high on search engines.

Mobile Friendliness

Search engines use mobile-friendliness as an important ranking factor because most internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Optimizing for mobile responsiveness is a crucial aspect of technical SEO.

Crawling and Indexing

This involves preparing a website for crawling and indexing by search engines. Technical SEO specialists use robots.txt files to choose which pages should be accessible to search engine crawlers and XML Sitemaps to help search engines understand their website’s structure for proper indexing. They also ensure that pages are linked (internal linking) so that crawlers have an easier time finding and indexing pages.

URL Structure

Creating a clear and organized URL structure helps search engines and users understand a website’s content hierarchy and index it appropriately.

Structured Data Markup

SEOs use schema markups to categorize and label website elements, enabling search bots to understand, index, and rank a website’s page.


These are security elements that ensure a website’s content is encrypted. It enhances user experience and helps search engines rank a page faster.

XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemaps enable search engines to understand website structure and the relationship between different pages on the site.

Site Architecture

Website architecture is a vital technical SEO element, as it helps search engines and users easily navigate a website.  

Technical Errors

Monitoring and fixing technical issues like broken links, server errors, and crawl issues is also an important aspect of technical SEO.


Canonical tags help you identify and fix duplicate content issues on your page.

Other aspects of fall in between these vital components. With good technical, off-page, and on-page SEO, companies will excel on search engines, generate qualified traffic, and drive conversions.