Did you sign up for Klout? Do you even know what Klout is? Klout, said a friend of mine, is like high school all over again – a popularity contest. Since I was relatively popular, albeit geeky, in high school, I don’t mind popularity contests. Klout, however, is more than a popularity contest.

Klout is a website that assesses both your social media presence, your interactions and influence, and assigns your profile a score based on the results. A Klout score of around 30 is considered average. Above 60 and you’re a superstar internet marketer. Mine is above 60 (wink).

Klout can seem weird at first. What do you use it for? Do you even check it? I don’t check it frequently, but I find that my potential clients DO check it. I have actually gotten gigs because my Klout score was high. Potential clients for my blogging and SEO writing services like to see their writers with a high Klout score because it means they have significant online influence and followers, which can translate into better exposure for their content.  In other words, because I have a strong following online, my sharing a post may help a potential client out.

Learn more about Klout on their site.