What are keywords?

Keywords are specific terms your target audience searches for online. When they search for a particular word or phrase, ideally, you want your website to be the first link that appears in the search results. (Alternatively, you want your website to appear on the first page of search results.) Choosing the right ones for your web pages and blog posts is how you get ranked in search engine results.

Composition of a Keyword

A keyword can be one word. It can also be several words. When two or more words are used to make a keyword phrase, it is known as a “long-tail keyword.”


For example, if your company sells sewing machines, you’ll want to create engaging, helpful content based on your customers’ interests. Your keywords could include “quality sewing machines,” “best sewing machine,” and affordable sewing machine.”

Benefits for SEO

Why should you be concerned about choosing the right keywords for your website content? Here are some benefits of using them correctly:

  • Find ideas for content marketing
  • Tells you what they are interested in learning more about
  • Increases organic traffic to your website
  • Helps you understand your target market
  • Bring the right customers to your website

High-traffic numbers don’t mean a thing if they don’t convert into sales through your site. When you use words targeted toward your customers, you attract site visitors who are already motivated to buy from you.
Focused keywords help you build expertise in your site visitors’ eyes.

When internet users click on their search results and find the information they need on your website, it establishes your reputation as an expert in your niche.