One of the most fascinating trends I’ve encountered recently is the convergence of mobile marketing and traditional bricks and mortar retailing. When I left graduate school a decade ago, retailers were admonished to synchronize their online and offline channels; it was confusing to customers when they couldn’t return internet purchases to their local retail outlet, for example. Customers today are pushing the envelope even further and demanding more from their favorite retailers.

For example, a recent survey stated that 64% of customers took out their mobile devices to look up product information and reviews while shopping in a bricks and mortar store. Think about it! They’re standing in your store, staring at the flat screen televisions, and looking on their smartphones for reviews.

What if you added a QR code to your store signage so that customers could easily access glowing reviews of YOUR store’s service and flat screen TVs? What if by scanning that code, customers could easily access tons of useful, relevant information that would encourage them to buy from your store?

Can you see how the convergence of mobile marketing and retailing is changing how you need to think about your bricks and mortar store?

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