Guest Blogging Tips

If you're looking to increase traffic to your blog or website, guest blogging offers individuals with strong writing skills the opportunity to share their thoughts and gain valuable links into their websites. Readers, curious about what else you may have to say on a topic, may click the link back to your website. Guest blogging is a viable method of building backlinks that conform to Google's guidelines while introducing your unique perspective to a new audience.

Guest Blogging Tips - Finding Opportunities

There are several ways to find guest blogging opportunities. You can:

  1. Pitch bloggers whose blogs you enjoy reading, and who have audiences similar to the people you wish to reach. A garden blogger, for example, may read several blogs on small space gardening, vegetable gardening or flower gardening.  She may wish to write a short, simple email to the blog hosts, introducing herself and offering a specific blog post idea for future use. If the blog owner is interested in proceeding further, the host will contact her.
  2. Use a website such as MyBlogGuest.  MyBlogGuest is an online networking site where users can sign up for free and find blogs to share guests posts or advertise their blogs for content. It's an easy to use and useful website to find potential guest blogging opportunities.
  3. Study an online directory of guest blogging sites, such as's online directory.

How to Be a Great Guest Blogger

Great guest bloggers develop a reputation for reliable, engaging and creative content - a huge benefit of guest blogging. To be a great guest blogger, someone who develops such a reputation, follow these tips:

  • Treat your host's blog as if it were your own. Only submit the best content you possibly can. It should be as good or better than content you'd share on your own blog.
  • Adhere to deadlines. Nothing makes a host more upset than a guest who disappears without submitting content on time or who constantly asks for deadline extensions. The blog host is doing you a favor by accepting your content; be courteous and respond promptly.
  • Specify in your pitch the intended audience (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Then write for that audience.
  • Keep your blog post focused on the promised topic.
  • Do not pepper your post with links back to your website. One link at the end is sufficient.
  • Provide a short, three-sentence bio if asked.
  • Run your blog post through spelling and grammar checks. I also like to use an online plagiarism tool such as Small SEO Tools to catch any phrases too similar to what someone else wrote. My content is always original, but the fewer phrases mimicking what someone else has already written, the better.

Not all blogs accept guests posts (Acorns and Insights, the blog for this company and what you're ready now, doesn't accept guest posts.) Nevertheless, for those blogs who do, guest posting can be an amazing source of leads, exposure and site traffic.


Guest Blogging Tips and Services from the Experts

Seven Oaks Consulting can help. We provide blogging and ghost writing services for many C-level executives, marketing agencies and experts too busy to write their own blog posts. We can help you find guest blogging opportunities and write expert content that engages, informs and entertains your audience, driving leads and sales. Contact us today.