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Content marketing is the art and science of using original, creative, branded content – blog posts, writing, images, articles, stories, case studies and more – to acquire, retain and create loyal customers.

That’s what we do here at Seven Oaks Consulting – content marketing, and all that goes with it, like SEO web page writing, website writing, copywriting, and teaching on this and related topics. But what the heck is it?

The Content Marketing Institute has a great definition here: What Is Content Marketing? (Come back here when you’re done, okay?)

The Importance of Content Marketing

A recent survey reports that interest by digital marketing managers in content marketing is soaring. And do you know why? Because consumers are sick and tired of ads. They’re tuning them out, scanning past them, ignoring and blocking them. Brafton, a fellow content marketing firm, claims that 75% of all consumers prefer informative articles to ads. I’d actually put that number higher. People want information, not advertising, in today’s ad-saturated world.

People are hungry for facts. Information.  And that’s where content marketing comes in.

Content marketing:

  • Helps brand your company as THE expert in your area, whether it’s dog grooming or nuclear medicine.
  • Informs, entertains and engages readers, which encourages them to stick around longer on your website.
  • Gets SHARED virally on social media sites, thus increasing its reach.
  • Sells as it tells an engaging story.

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