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Book Review: Saint Odd by Dean Koontz

“Saint Odd” by Dean Koontz is Koontz’s last story in the Odd Thomas series. I don’t know about you, but my reaction was “Thank goodness.” I enjoyed the earlier books in the series, but the latter ones had me wondering where in the world Koontz was going with the story. And frankly, he went nowhere.

Let’s back up a little and talk about who – and what – Odd Thomas is. Odd Thomas was a character in the self-same book published a few years ago. He was a young fry cook, an orphan who could see ghosts. Elvis and Frank Sinatra were two great ghosts who visited with him. The ghosts couldn’t speak, but they did make their presence known. Thomas can also see some unusual things, like demon-like spirits called bodachs who seem to thrive on mass murder.

After the initial book, Odd Thomas goes on to have adventures outside of his home town of Pico Mundo. There’s a mysterious figure called Annabelle, some sort of secret society trying to protect the world from evil forces, and a confusion of symbolism that hurt my head.

Much of the mumbo jumbo around secret societies, cults and a strange, quasi-immortal figure named Annabelle is never explained. The bad guys are always goons in fedoras toting guns and liking modern art and the good guys are always baking pies. It really gets annoying after a while.

I can’t say much more about the plot of this book without giving away the entire story. Suffice to say that Koontz trots out all his favorite things in this one:  all the Odd Thomas tropes are there, but we also have death by microorganisms, carnivals and dwarves, and knife attacks.

I will remain a loyal fan of Dean Koontz’ books, but this one? Unless you’re a huge fan of the Odd Thomas series, skip it. If you are a huge fan of the series, then of course you will have to read it….because it is the conclusion you’ve been waiting for!

My copy of this book was borrowed from the library. If you click the picture at the top, it will lead you to an Amazon affiliate link and you can buy the book. I receive a small commission which does not affect your price. Thank you.


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