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Book Review: God Is In the Little Things by Patricia Brooks

I finished God Is In the Little Things: My Personal Journey by Patricia Brooks in two evenings.  It made for cozy bedtime reading. As many of you know, I’m a lifelong animal lover. My life has always been filled with animals. What some of you don’t know — okay, most of you don’t know — is that in the 1990s, I picked up a copy of Ted Andrews book, Animal Speak. Andrews talks about animal totems from the Native American perspective and how the arrival of various animals, including birds and insects, in your life can signal deeper meaning. I never told anyone except my husband about my use of the tools in Animal Speak. After I returned to the Catholic church, it seemed, well — unCatholic.  There’s got to be a sin in there somewhere. Nevertheless, the book has been enormously helpful to me, and it seems I’m not alone. Patricia Brooks also found deep meaning in the symbolism of Animal Speak, and God Is In the Little Things is her memoir and personal account of her life journey using the symbolism of animals for insight and meaning.

Patricia Brooks writes in a simple, friendly way of her journey from young wife and mother to her current status as a divorced mom of two studying to be an interfaith minister. Throughout her journey, animals have been her companions, guides and friend. We read about Misty, a black kitten she adopts from the animal shelter who is her sweet spirit guide, to her current dog Bear.  Deer, owl, bat and mice totems feature in her book, and we see how these and even a toad who mysteriously appears in her bed one morning are all symbolic of her current life lesson.

I enjoyed the book very much but wished she had written more about the connection between the animal and her life lesson.  It seems as if the animals had more to teach her; she recites the lesson, but the book lacks the depth I wished it had when she speaks of the lesson. How did she learn the lesson the animals had to teach? What inner work did she do?

That’s why I gave this book only 3 1/2 stars out of 5….I enjoyed it, and found it interesting and engaging.  But I wished it had more, and I can only hope that Patricia Brooks writes more in the future, whether it be on a blog, another book or some other forum.  Because I think she has talent as a writer (this is her first book) and the message from the animals is important.

You can buy this book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or from Hay House’s Balboa Press, the publisher.


I received a free review copy of this book from the author and her publicist. I am connected to the author on LinkedIn but have never met her.  I was not paid to review this book.

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